About Me

My name is Danny Orbach, and I am a historian and a PhD candidate. My speciality is coup d’etats, military revolts, political assassinations and rebellious networks in Japan, China, Germany and the rest of the world. At the moment, I am studying, teaching and writing my dissertation in Harvard University.

Those of you who can read Hebrew  are welcome to visit my home blog, where you can find numerous articles on history, literature and politics. The English version of the blog will focus on historical and political issues, especially Middle Eastern politics and the Israeli Palestinian conflict. As a rule, a new article will be published every saturday. Guest postings are an option. If you are interested, please contact me by mail.

If you are interested in my research on military rebellions, here you can listen to a lecture that I gave in Boston University on the German resistance to Hitler, broadcasted in National Public Radio. My academic profile is here.

My email: dorbach@fas.harvard.edu

  1. To be a true historian requires we leave ALL our biases, preditictions, penchants and inclinations behind us. Having several decades of observation beyond your years, this is a difficult and intellectually challenging prospect. Intelligence and acumen coupled with wisdom are the genie in the bottle.

  2. Fabio weilbacher

    Just read your book that I found very interesting and well written. Three main thoughts:
    – approx 10 typos and spelling mistakes in the italian version;
    – a few stories about Jewish people are digressions with reference to the main topic and not really justified;
    – very disturbingly: only military men who had seen or had knowledge of the massacres seem to have reacted; unaware “normal” people did not. This tells a big story on the impirtance of dissemination of true information.
    I think I have a good topic for a research
    in your field of interest

    • Dear Fabio,

      Thank you very much for your note, and for taking time to read the books, and I appreciate your comments. As for the typos, I may advise my Italian publisher. I don’t believe only military men reacted to the massacres – civilians did so as well, though most of these stories were out of the scope of my book. If you need advice for your research, feel free to email me at dannyorbach@gmail.com


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